Åsa Jungnelius
Åsa Jungnelius

Residence Formpris 2010

Together with Jonas Lindström, busy taking photo fore residence behind “Fina stugan” in Åfors.

This year’s Craftsmen

The jury

“When we first saw all Suger Dandy tableware single – from simple snaps stumps in amber and Art Nouveau organic wine glasses for exclusive trophies in the trollpondblack and tassels, chains and glass links – was the year’s most surprising and bewildering form experience. While Asa Jungnelius theses on gender roles and patterns of consumption have refined expressions aches Suger Dandy of beauty and sensual depth “


Fina Stugan

Next to the Glass factory in Åfors we have a small little house we called “ the nice little cottages “ where we make exhibitions fore the summer season. 2010


Scandinavian Crystal Christmas by Åsa Jungenlius

A christmas shop in Tokyo at Garelia arts space  with Kost Boda 2009


Frost Work -20* with Gustaf Nordenskiöld

Frost Work a exhibition together with Gustaf Nordenskiöld in Kosta exhibition hall 2009



The Royal Cafe

Press event at The Royal Café in Copenhagen, 2009


New artist at Kosta Boda

Exhibition in Kosta together with Ludvig Löfgren 2008


Launch for Kosta Boda

At the The Hallwyl Palace in Stockholm 2008

Female attributes, evocative design and liquid gold – Åsa Jungnelius brings a new vitality to Kosta Boda.

Åsa Jungnelius has already made a name for herself with her suggestive art glass. She uses stereotypes as her model and reference and is ever prepared to comment on them, usually with outspoken vigour. Her fascination with how people try to create an identity for themselves by shopping can be seen in her new Make Up collection.

Here she lovingly mimics a famous fashion pattern, which she uses as a framework for a new Kosta Boda design. The result is a set of party plates and serving dishes demonstrating that the gap between fashion and home furnishing is very small indeed. Other members of the collection are supersized, brightly coloured nail varnish bottles, proud symbols of our unrestrained consumption.

One of the first things she was asked to do for Kosta Boda was to design a collection for the dinner table—a whole new assignment for an artist quite unused to creating objects in which the prime consideration is function.

The result—and it’s an exciting one—is her Jackie collection. Gigantic bowls and vases in delicate pink, lilac and warm orange hues, and shapes recalling the opulence of big country houses. On top of this, bold brushstrokes of pure gold.

“For me, Jackie is a mix of two cultures, two different periods. The shapes refer back to the extravagant interiors of rich country manor houses and consciously mimic an ‘old-fashioned’ style, but with the painted gold it’s more rock-’n’-roll. It’s a type of action painting, if you like, where broad, bold brushstrokes make each bowl and vase unique.”

Jackie also includes a set of robust glasses whose top edge is artistically painted in gold, which appears to be running down over the glass.

“I like to think of these glasses more as goblets. They should be big and heavy. I like to distort proportions, to add an element of surprise. Things aren’t always what they look like. I also wanted the gold to ‘overflow’, rather like the drink that flows down into the glass. It should be somewhere between orderly and unique. That’s what brings the glasses to life.”

For further information, contact Orrefors Kosta Boda’s press and information officer, Eva-Marie Hagström: +46 703 005 624