Åsa Jungnelius
Åsa Jungnelius

Ateljé lyktan – Milan




Exploring ateljé Lyktans new pendant light engine

At the core of the new pendant Riff, designed by Olle Lundberg, is a light engine that easily can be used to create a myriad of different designs. The inspiration for the light engine came from the car industry and how different models and designs share the same platform.

For Milan, ateljé Lyktan invited eight architects, designers, craftsmen and –women, as well as ateljé Lyktans own Atelier, to explore the Riff light engine and create their own unique pendant. The project, named Riff Relay, resulted in nine spectacular pendants ranging from a glass pineapple to a leather hat. Each pendant from the Riff Relay will be manufactured in a limited edition of ten each.

Participants in the Riff Relay:

Olle Lundberg – Riff Relay #1
Olle Lundberg has over 25 years of experience in delivering high-end design solutions rooted in the traditions of Scandinavian design.The objective of his studio LundbergDesign is to deliver strategic, visionary design solutions. Lundberg thinks the success of a product is based on the ability to mediate between consumer insights, technology, art and science.

Åsa Jungnelius – Riff Relay #2
Åsa Jungnelius holds an MFA in Ceramics and glass from Konstfack in Sweden. Åsa works with glass as her primary medium. She is one of the members in the design group Last Editions. Åsa Jungnelius is represented in the collections of Nationalmuseum and Röshsska museet, as well as many Swedish and international private collections.

Stefan Borselius – Riff Relay #3
Stefan Borselius established his design company in 2002, he has made a reputation of devising innovative solutions for materials, form and function. Borselius has won several design prizes and awards, and some of the products he has designed are represented in the collections of the Swedish National Museum in Stockholm.

Ludvig Löfgren – Riff Relay #4
Ludvig Löfgren has a long experience working with art and glass art, edcuated at Hovedskou Fine Painting School, Konstfack in Stockholm as well as the glass schools of Kosta and Orrefors. His unique designs aim to take traditional Swedish glass into the future. Today Ludvig works at the Målerås Glassworks.

Horisaki – Riff Relay #5
Swedish-Japanese designer duo Karin och Makoto Horisaki create unique leather hats in their studio in Rockneby, Småland, Sweden. Their hats have been worn by several celebrities including Lady Gaga and are carried by some of the world’s most prestigious fashion stores.www.horisaki.com

Tham & Videgård – Riff Relay #6
Swedish Architects Bolle Tham & Martin Videgård have been working together since xx. They have recieved numerous awards including Architects of the Year in Sweden. Their work is described as clear and generous. Tham & Videgård have a close collaboration with ateljé Lyktan.

Henrik Schulz – Riff Relay #7
Architect and designer Henrik Schulz was educated at Chalmers University, Konstakademien and The School of Design in Denmark. Schulz’ architect office in Gothenburg works with several Scandinavian brands, including HAY, Horreds and of course ateljé Lyktan.

Alexander Levin – Riff Relay #8
Third generation goldsmith & jewellery designer, Alexander Levin heads the family company ”Levin’s Gold & Silver”, founded in in Motala, Sweden, in 1937. Levin also designs engagement and weddin rings under name ”Bonnie & Clyde” and retro jewellery under the name ”Jewellery 71”.

ateljé Lyktan Studio – Riff Relay #9
For almost eighty years, unique light fixtures have been created alongside series-manufactured products at ateljé Lyktan’s factory in Åhus. Today, two people are dedicating their time to special projects in ateljé Lyktan’s studio called “Ateljén” – or Atelier in English.


foto:Jonas Lindström

The Catalog from Residence-in-Nature 2014 will soon be launched.

Residence-in-Nature is a long-term art project initiated by Åsa Jungnelius based on experiences of producing art work in an increasingly depopulated region, a place where post-industrial society has created a complex living situation. With the support of Växjö Konsthall, six cultural workers from different disciplines were invited to together produce art works in nature. Participants were Johanna gustafsson Fürst, artist; Fredrik Paulsen, furniture designer; Caroline Ringskog Ferrada-Noli, author and TV producer; Markus Vallien, wood worker; Jonas Williamsson, graphic designer; and lisa Torell, artist.

Text: Lisa Rosendahl

English translation: Jennifer Hayashida

Design: Jonas Williamsson

Printer: Printon, Estonia

Typeface: Nordik & Behrens Antiqua

Residence-in-Nature is supported by Regionförbundet Södra Småland och Växjö Konsthall

© 2015 Artists-in-Nature. All rights reserved.





LAST XMAS pop up store on saturday 29 november between 12-18 at Ögruppen, Jakopsdalsvägen 15a

(Swedish: freight, burden, vice)

A collaboration between Åsa Jungnelius, Gustaf Nordenskiöld and Fredrik Paulsen

As long as there is water to drink, there will be cups to drink from. But the variation in form these cups can take is virtually limitless. In today’s globalized world, how can we produce products of flesh and blood? Products made with care, that are built to be used for a long time? Can artists and designers circumvent the corporate hierarchy of mass production and instead manufacture objects themselves?

The concept behind LAST is simple: purchase an object directly from its maker. No intermediaries, long journeys, questionable materials or sweatshop labour. All of the products in the LAST collection are handmade by the artist in his or her studio.

LAST is a pop-up experience, a shop that can appear anywhere, be it an interior design shop, a gallery, online, or outdoors. It’s a traveling design experience.

The LAST line is comprised of customized, one-of-a-kind pieces that collectively suggest integrity and the ability to last a long time. Not only are the products sustainable, but they work together to promote design that is slower, more personal, and more thoughtful. A LAST that will last.





Order the Book – Handel with care

Hanteras Varsamt / Handel with care is a documentary movie made by Lisa Partby fore K-Special SVT. What happened then. Order the book where the story continues about Ludvig Löfgren and Åsa Jungnelius life. The documentary movie is included in the book as a DVD.

Order the and film and book from Partby Film by sending a e-mail to partby@gmail.com

Writers: Stina Högkvist, Johanna Gustafsson Fürst and Nicolas Hansson. Editor: Miriam Johansson. Graphic Design: Jonas Williamson. Production Company: Silverosa film / Anna Byvald. ISBN 978-91-637-6312-0







P1 Kulturdokumentären – Den nya glasfabriken, Ett program av Katarina Wikars.

P1 Culture documentary – The new glass factory, a program of Catherine Wikars.





Välkommen på release för Hanteras varsamt! 23 oktober, 19–22. Bellmansgatan 37

Hanteras varsamt är en bok om konstnärerna Åsa Jungnelius och Ludvig Löfgren, och en dokumentärfilm av Lisa Partby.

Under kvällen bjuds det på snippdipp och bubbel samt minianimationer i grottan. Billig bar — ta med cash! Jenny Silver Lejeborg, Joakim Bergman och Fredrik Andersson spelar sina favoritsinglar på resegrammofonen. Efteråt kan vi gå vidare till Söders hjärta och fortsätta festen. Varmt välkomna!

Medverkande skribenter: Stina Högkvist, Johanna Gustafsson Fürst och Nicolas Hansson. Redaktör: Mirjam Johansson. Grafisk design: Jonas Williamsson. Produktionsbolag: Silverosa film/Anna Byvald. isbn 978-91-637-6312-0 






BODA Gallery

intote woods

In to the woods



The Shell





Glass is a moving mass

Glass is a moving mass, (2014-) is the working title of a residency-project, initiated together with five artists: Johanna Gustavsson Fürst, Åsa Jungnelius, Caroline Mårtensson, Eva Arnqvist och Malin Pettersson Öberg, starting with its point of departure in “Glasriket”, with its geopolitical and socioeconomic boundary, located and embedded in a region in the south of Sweden, famously known for its art and glass industry. With the project we will take interest in the specific interrelation between art and industrial production, design and craftsmanship. Glass is a moving mass, asks questions of what it means to be human and deal with the loss of a job: the legacy of a body of work as well as the new arriving situation with the crisis of outsourcing of industrial products and the dependency on industrial turism. Through the project, and individual works, we will document and explore the heritage of the handy craft tradition, find new ways of archiving, and engage in activities of community building. The project is conducted in collaboration with Kalmar Konstmuseum and The Glass Factory. (More info coming up later.)

Glas är massa i rörelse (2014-), är arbetstiteln på ett samarbetes- och arbetsvistelse-projekt initierat tillsammans med: Johanna Gustavsson Fürst, Åsa Jungnelius, Caroline Mårtensson, Eva Arnqvist och Malin Pettersson Öberg som tar sin utgångspunkt i ”Glasriket” och dess geopolitiska och socioekonomiska inramning beläget och inbäddat i en region i södra Sverige som är välkänd för sin konst- och glasindustri. Med projektet kommer vi intressera oss för relationerna mellan konst och industriell produktion, design, och hantverksmannaskap.Glas är massa i rörelse ställer frågor kring vad det innebär att vara människa och hantera förlusten av ett arbete: kring arvet efter industrin såväl som den annalkande situationen med outsourcingens kris och beroendet av industriell turism. Genom projektet, och individuella verk, kommer vi dokumentera och utforska arvet efter hantverkstraditionen, hitta nya sätt att dokumentera och arkivera, och engagera oss i samhälls- och gemenskapsbyggande. Projektet genomförs i samarbete med Kalmar Konstmuseum och The Glass Factory. ( Mer info kommer senare.)


Barockt, Kulturhuset / Nationalmuseum


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